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Crystal Glass Hand & Foot  Impressions

Why not create an impression of your childs hand or foot in crystal glass?

Its easy to do, you can either cast one at home using play dough and post it to us when it has dried a little. We can then cast from that into special casting sand to make a mould, or you can make an appointment at our studio and we can cast your childs hand or foot for you into sand or play dough depending on which way round you want the impression to stand out. The foot above is made in play dough first, then cast in sand ready for the molten glass.

Once we have a good impression of your childs hand or foot we dry out the sand slowly in a kiln. Once dry we pour molten glass into the sand mould, which leaves a perfect cast in crystal glass for you to look back on and enjoy for years to come. The cooling of the glass impression takes a minimum of 24 hours to anneal the glass. Once cooled we then engrave your childs name, age and the day it was cast on, on to the finished impression. From the casting process to the to the finished result it usually takes on average between 7-14 days. Each cast costs £45 in clear and sandblasting finish (We can also add colour into the process which costs an extra £5 but the clear and sandblasted one we believe looks the best)

Your finished cast will look something similar to this. We are also able to do casts of other things...from objects to pets paws and claws!!!...