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We pride ourselves in creating bespoke designer led glass pieces which contain your loved ones ashes, including pets.  

We are able to work with you to create the pieces that you wish, rather than having to choose from a set design, colour or size out of a catalogue (unlike when working with other glass studios).

We work with you closely to create the right piece just for you. A piece that you have watched being created in front of your own very eyes, in the style you have designed.

You are able  to watch Ingrid Pears M.B.E.  at work with the lava like material, bending, shaping and blowing the molten glass into anything you desire – a vase, a paperweight, a bowl or even jewellery  - we literally can produce whatever you wish and are able to show you a whole portfolio of designs to give you ideas at your consultation.  

We understand that this is one of the most difficult times in your life, although we also feel the whole experience is quite a cathartic one. You are able to attend with members of your family and work with us and be involved in the whole process of putting your loved ones ashes into the glass.  

We offer this experience away from the general public usually in an evening, in the privacy of our ‘closed’ studio, as we know it can be very upsetting. You will be offered tea and coffee whilst watching the whole process. Glass is a very interesting process to watch anyway, but it also offers a positive experience out of a very difficult one.
If you would like to know a little more about the experience of having glass made out of ashes or have ideas yourself, which you would like to discuss with Ingrid,  please contact Ingrid on her personal email Contact or over the telephone.  

Examples of glass made with ashes inside: