This is exactly what it says on the tin. In approximately an hour you get to choose all elements to be able to make your own paperweight. Choosing your own colours, patterns and then gathering your own molten glass on an iron, out of a roaring furnace to create your own bespoke paperweight. You can try a traditional round version, or, make a heart shaped or a spiral one.


This is our most popular glass experience of all and the most cost effective to you, as you make many pieces to take home all in one day! (work needs to cool though!)

All of our glass classes are exciting and fun, but especially a one day class. The one day class is our most popular class of all. These are intense programmes that can be tailored to suit a complete novice or a more experienced glass maker. They are loss-leaders to us, as a student goes home with many pieces, but it is better than advertising for us, as people talk about their experience afterwards naturally with such enthusiasm and passion, which leads to publicity for us.

For a complete novice starting out glass making, we begin the day with an intensive health and safety briefing, as do all of our classes. We explain the dangers of working with molten glass at lava-like temperatures, and how to have a great day without burning oneself! Our priority is for you to have a GREAT day, but a safe day!

It is possible for a student to make around 6-8 good pieces of glass to take away with you, from vases, bowls, beads and paperweights (depending on the size of the glass item you have chosen to make). We run glass experiences everyday except Mondays and Fridays, (as we close those days). You will initially have a go on a small scale item first, to gain your confidence. We get you used to how the glass works by trying a small flameworked bead on a mandrel. Moving up in size to a paperweight of your choice of size, pattern and colour etc,.  After completing these two challenges we let you loose on the larger pieces in blown and solid glass. You will be shaping the molten lava-like glass with wet newspapers, adding colours to the glass and glassblowing and sculpting the glass into the forms that you wish to create. You will be constantly guided and reassured during your whole experience - we never leave you alone for a second!

With all of our classes we can take advance bookings of up to one year in advance, if required. (mainly if people want to book into one of the hotels locally and secure a space). Spaces do go very quickly and we are generally booked up to around six weeks in advance, so do book in as early as you can to avoid disappointment. It is possible to either book a specific date on purchase, or we can offer vouchers which are valid for one year, which is usually more flexible, if booking as a gift for someone else. (DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC WE ARE ISSUING A TWO YEAR VOUCHER AS STANDARD).

When booking a voucher, we can either email or post out a flat packed version, which includes a scroll and ribbon to roll, scroll and tie into a bow to present (£3 extra for P &P), OR, we can gift wrap in our studio with celophanes, tissues and ribbon which is at no extra cost, ready for collection.

We never put strangers in a class together, unless you wish to do a class with someone else, or are booked in on a team building day. If your class is booked for you alone, you will receive one hundred percent attention on you and your class will be run one to one.

On a one or two day glass experience you will have the options of trying your hand at a variety of hot glass techniques and styes, with a wealth of colours and shapes to choose from. We encourage you to design and create your own pieces and challenge yourself. We will coach you according - you are only limited by your own imagination!

When anyone is on one of our classes, we are happy for you to bring someone along with you to watch and take photographs of you at work. If there is more than one person wishing to watch you, we will need prior notice in order that we can accommodate this.


This is an opportunity of having a go at glassblowing, without committing to a whole days experience. If a full day glassblowing experience is too much, for whatever reason it is possible to have a go in a short space of time, choosing your colours, style and patterns and making any of the below:


TWO DAY GLASSBLOWING CLASS £750.00 The first day is a very similar experience to the one day class, however on the second day we develop more intricate techniques and designs further. It is a more intensive course for someone with a real interest and passion for glass. A lot can be achieved within the two days with many pieces to take home.

Glass making is a team activity perfect for learning to work together and depend on each other, as well as learning glass making – Programmes tailor made to suit your team and business.

STUDIO HIRE  - PRICE ON APPLICATION For an experienced and university qualified glass maker we also hire out our glass benches and assistants for you to make your own glass - please enquire directly. You will be required to have your own insurance and qualification certificates required on application, via our insurers. 

Unfortunately we are not hiring out at present.

External link opens in new tab or windowClick here to see an example of one of our glass experiences by Chris Connell

Please call or email us to book in or purchase a voucher: or M: 07803048747

When glassblowing we mainly take texts, Whatsapp and calls on our mobile, which diverts to wherever we are, or leave a message on our studio landline LL: 01623824881