£49 per cast

Childrens hand and foot impressions are really easy to do, you can either cast one at home using homemade play dough External link opens in new tab or window(The Imagination Tree Best Play dough recipe) and let us have the mould when it has dried a little, preferably packed into a plastic sandwich box, but not squashed in...whatever the mould looks like is what you will achieve in glass (Please call us for advice on how to package, if posting). Please book an appointment if you are stopping by yourself to drop off the mould.

Once we have your play dough mould, whether it is cast at home by you, or cast in our studio by us, the process afterwards is the same. We make another cast from your play dough, in to casting sand, which is then dried slowly for around one week, until rigid and then we pour the molten glass into it. The glass pours around the sand-cast and sets into a pool of molten glass, the foot impression starts to shine through. At this stage it is over 1100 degrees Celcius! (a similar temperature as molten lava!) It takes around 72 hours to anneal the glass to ensure that it is cooled, de-stressed and safe to handle, sandblasted and ready to present. A message of your choice can be hand engraved on to it and then it is gift wrapped. This whole process takes around two weeks (It may take longer at our busier times).

Christening/Birthday Casting Packs £69

Why not buy a ' gift pack' to have a babies foot cast (as above) as a Birthday or Christening gift for the child to look back on in years to come or for members of their family. A great gift for a grandparent or parent too!

This pack contains everything you will need to produce a mould of a child's hand or foot in play dough to treasure for a life-time.

The pack contains a personalised certificate/scroll highlighted with a special message from you to commemorate the child's special day. There is a ribbon and cellophane included in the pack, to wrap the scroll in cellophane and , tie a ribbon around the scroll into a beautiful bow. It is then ready to present as a gift.

It is even possible to book in as a family after receiving the voucher and all watch the child's foot being cast in molten glass.

Sculptural Sand Casting



     He who works with his hands is a laborer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist.

- St Francis of Assisi