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Brazil, South America.

There is such a wealth of colour and texture to be found in Brazil. Rich vibrant colours wherever you look from the deep blue sky to the colours of the parrots and baboons that are roaming freely. The beautiful Iguassu falls on the boarder of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguai have been instumental in Ingrid's new glass designs which show texture and form inspired by the rushing cascading waterfalls. All of the time Ingrid is designing and creating new pieces. With the beauty at its best in Brazils raw natural magnificant landscape it is easy to keep designing and finding new inspirations....they never stop coming.....in the middle of the night jotting down ideas and sketches, rushing to the studio in the morning to realise them in molten glass. Glass is such an amazing material to work with. Liquid like golden syrup running around the iron waiting to be formed by wet newspaper into a unique glass piece. Jewel like colours added to represent the natural beauty of Brazil.


A toucan in  its natural surroundings bouncing from one tree to the next. True colours in nature really inspire Ingrids work - How can nature be wrong? By following true colours, patterns and the harmonies of these next to one another create strong bold pieces of glass with the development of designs using strong pure lines.

This is a sealed bowl, created by blowing a bubble which is sealed and then pressed on to a former which pushes the middle in which makes the bowl blow its own sides out. The unique pattern of this is done by starting of on the main body of the piece, a pice of black and teal colour to create the base layer and then a white stripe added. The white stripe is then manipulated using metal hooks to pull the stripes around into swirly patterns. The contrating colours make this a bold statement piece. This style of piece can be created in any variety of sizes and colours, we work with you to create a piece that is special to you. These pieces range from £150 - £5000....so they can fit any budget.